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enregistreurs de puissance et d'énergie PEL100 CHAUVIN ARNOUX
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PEL TRANSFER, the dedicated software for the PEL100

The measurement results are recovered from the PEL100 via a USB, Bluetooth or Ethernet link, or by means of the SD card with the PEL Transfer software.

This application software can be used for:

  • Configuration of the PEL100

  • Verification of the connections before beginning recording

  • Downloading of the measurements recorded in the PEL100

  • Display of the various results of the measurements and analyses


 Download PEL Transfer




DataView® is a powerful report-generation tool for a wide range of Chauvin Arnoux measuring instruments.

Download Dataview


Online demonstration

support produit chauvin arnoux

Install PEL Transfer and view in real time the recordings by a PEL100 set up on an electrical installation.

Download and install PEL Transfer >>>

Printing reports

rapport PEL 100
With the comprehensive DataView® processing software, you can create certified or customized reports.

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